The eyes are often referred to as the window to the soul and Iridology shows this in multiple ways. Iridology is a diagnostic tool and the study of health through the eyes, observing different markings of the iris and sclera.

Toni Miller's Integrated Iridology allows clients to become aware of their current and inherent health strengths and weaknesses. Clients can learn more about their natural digestive function, dietary requirements, what type of exercise would better their body and much more. This allows for a more targeted approach to prioritising health and lifestyle choices, enabling a client to make the most of their body and understand how unique each person's constitution really is.

Beyond the physical traits and health, Iridology can also offer great insight into a client's natural personality and emotional processing. Combined with tools such as ESI and mindset coaching, clients can start to free themselves of past conditioning and develop their own way to walk through life, that is in alignment with who they truly are and build a life that reflects this.

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