Self-Mastery Blueprint

Creating positive change and high performance in life can be difficult at times. There are multiple aspects to our mental game, health and physical function which can make it difficult to know where to start or what advice to follow. This is where IH&P coaching and our 8 Pillars of Self Mastery helps create a clear blueprint on achieving professional, personal or athletic excellence.

We work together to break down mental/emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and lifestyle factors that may be holding you back from performing at your best.


Leadership Coaching

Leadership takes self awareness and awareness of others. When dealing with people at work, home or socially, we're presented with various life experiences, belief systems, communication styles, mindsets and opinions.

It's no longer enough to only follow traditional set steps Leadership. Which is why IH&P Leadership coaching has integrated a modern neuroscience approach to culture and behaviour change, to support and enhance traditional methods.


Sports Performance Coaching

The Integrated approach to Sports Performance addresses multiple aspects of an athlete's development. Be it for the weekend warrior who is training for an event or the athletes striving for the championship and to perform their best on game day, physically and mentally.

Using modern Strength and Conditioning principles, we work together to assess what sport-specific requirements each individual needs. We then program training cycles, timed to each coming event, building the body and mind progressively and safely through the season, to reach your peak.


Sports Mindset Coaching

The integrated approach to Sports Mindset Coaching looks further than game day. We know the human mind is incredibly powerful, yet complex. An athlete's mindset and ability to reach and maintain a peak state can be their greatest asset, or downfall. Many games and events are won by the athlete who may not always be the most physically gifted but were mentally stronger on the day. This is why training your mind is just as important as training your body.


Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are increasing problems in today's society. They negatively impact your mood, mental health, relationships, memory, ability to cope, decrease quality of sleep, increase habits of procrastination and an increased risk of disease, to name a few.



The eyes are often referred to as the window to the soul and Iridology shows this in multiple ways. Iridology is a diagnostic tool and the study of health through the eyes, observing different markings of the iris and sclera.

Toni Miller's Integrated Iridology allows clients to become aware of their current and inherent health strengths and weaknesses. Clients can learn more about their natural digestive function, dietary requirements, what type of exercise would better their body and much more. This allows for a more targeted approach to prioritising health and lifestyle choices, enabling a client to make the most of their body and understand how unique each person's constitution really is.

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