Leadership Coaching

Leadership takes self awareness and awareness of others. When dealing with people at work, home or socially, we're presented with various life experiences, belief systems, communication styles, mindsets and opinions.

It's no longer enough to only follow traditional set steps Leadership. Which is why IH&P Leadership coaching has integrated a modern neuroscience approach to culture and behaviour change, to support and enhance traditional methods. In developing yourself as a leader, you'll become more aware of your own mind states, your behaviour and those around you. You will learn how to develop greater levels of communication skills and how to achieve a more optimal state when under pressure. Through this coaching program, you will also become more confident, resilient and resourceful in retaining training staff, building a more productive team, longer lasting relationships and desired outcomes. Leadership coaching is not just for workplace leaders and business owners but can be utilised in many scenarios. Such as improving the quality of family life, athletic performance, coaching strategies for sports coaches or simply to give direction and control over yourself and the life you want to create.

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