Sports Performance Coaching

The Integrated approach to Sports Performance addresses multiple aspects of an athlete's development. Be it for the weekend warrior who is training for an event or the athletes striving for the championship and to perform their best on game day, physically and mentally.

Using modern Strength and Conditioning principles, we work together to assess what sport-specific requirements each individual needs. We then program training cycles, timed to each coming event, building the body and mind progressively and safely through the season, to reach your peak.

Sports performance is much more than just physical training. We incorporate mindset coaching, to build and strengthen a champion mindset, address possible limiting beliefs, fears, enhance your supportive, winning mind states etc. We discuss diet advice and recovery strategies such as remedial massage therapy, near-infrared light therapy, Chinese style cupping etc. In the integrated approach we care about each client's long term health, progress and success.

Some services are limited depending if appointments are face to face or via distance.

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