About Me

Hi, I'm Peter, an Integrated Health and Performance Coach and I've been practising and studying in the industry for over a decade.

My passion is assisting clients create positive change and taking leadership over their own lives. Building a high performance mindset, habits and health in their professional, personal or athletic careers.

This passion developed from an early interest in physical performance as well as treatment for multiple health issues of my own. Over the years I made it my mission to overcome significant physical and mental barriers and then to help others do the same. As my studies progressed, I learned that no one approach has all the answers. That lasting change and high performance required integrating the sciences of physical, mental and emotional development.

I also bring to clients my own experience and knowledge from having been a competitive athlete. Having competed at national and international level in Kyokushin Karate and also competing in Boxing, I understand the physical, mental and emotional demands of being a champion, what it takes to win and the pitfalls that come along the way.

During this time I ran my own martial arts club and also trained students to compete.

Peter Chiricosta
Peter Chiricosta

My studies began with: Diplomas of Traditional Chinese Acupressure, Strength and Conditioning and Remedial Massage Therapy. I then recognised the need for a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and human behaviour. I continued my studies with Integrated Iridology, ESI Mapping and Advanced Skills incorporating Neuropsychotherapy and also Brain Potential - Leadership powered by neuroscience.

While developing these skills I added the unique energy modalities of Horstmann Technique and Tessan Tech. With IH&P these skills and knowledge have come together to form a cohesive structure. Creating a blueprint of the individual client and a clear pathway forward to achieving their own vision of success.

Some services or processes may be limited depending if appointments are face to face or via phone/video call.

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