Life Coaching, Leadership and Sports Coaching

Integrated Health and Performance (IH&P) is a coaching business based on the Sunshine Coast and also through online or phone appointments. IH&P is dedicated to helping clients take leadership over their own lives and perform at a higher level in their professional, personal or athletic careers.


Positive change and high performance


Enhanced leadership methods


Perform your best on game day

Through integrating mindset coaching and supportive health strategies, we develop a step-by-step pathway, tailored to your needs.

Various aspects of our integrated approach often require multiple practitioners who each offer one piece of the puzzle, which can often lead to information overload or conflicting advice. At IH&P our clients benefit from one coach that helps streamline and prioritise each step and strives to understand you as a whole person, not just one aspect of your journey.


Look further than game day


Reduce and manage stress


An important diagnostic tool

Who are our high performance clients?

  • From Business owners and leaders wanting to improve workplace culture, increase profitability and become more effective leaders
  • Individuals striving to create a more fulfilling life. Who want to improve work life balance and create strong, healthy relationships at home and in society
  • Athletes wanting to increase their competitive edge with a champion's mindset, training programs, physical therapy and food related advice.

What else can we help with?

  • Leadership coaching and workplace culture change
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs
  • Stress and Anxiety reduction
  • Athletic Performance programming
  • Building effective communication skills
  • Self esteem and confidence building
  • Understanding your individual health strengths and weaknesses through iridology
  • Improving supportive lifestyle choices with food and exercise advice.

Appointments are available with flexible delivery options: face-to-face sessions are available onsite, at your home, or in one of our set locations. Distance options include video or phone call, nationally or internationally.

face to face
face to face
at your home / work
face to face
at set location
telephone or video-chat
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